AWESOME TALK! S2 Ep8 Coming Soon!

AWESOME TALK! Season 2, Episode 3 from 1.28.14

AWESOME TALK! Season 2, Episode 3 from 1.28.14 is now on the YOUTUBES! In this episode, we have a KICK ARSE interview with Artist/Musician/Activist, Darryl Montgomery-Hell! Then, later in the show we are joined LIVE via Skypes by David Ury of AMC’s BREAKING BAD, and it was AWESOME! At the end of the night, we hear a “Special Final Word” from John Lacki of and then a music vid by Abstinence, Darryl Hell’s Industrial Project, for their song, “The Calling”. So grab 30 or 40 40′s, and enjoy! Thanks for drinking with us!


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