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Click to read our article in The Aquarian!

Click to read our article in The Aquarian!

R.I.P. Jarod “Edify” Coonce, long-time Awesome Talk! family member.

A long-time friend of the show has passed away. Jarod Coonce might have been (by his request) an often unseen and unheard member of the Awesome Talk! family, but he was instrumental in helping put together some of our favorite shows, and introducing us to great people who have become wonderful friends. If it weren’t for him, we would never have had the pleasure of meeting some great people. Rodney Rush (The Real Rodney Rush), Alexander Rhodes, Trevor Moore, Dana Shobe, and David Ury were all introduced to us by Jarod. He never wanted us to mention his help, and preferred to sit on the sidelines and enjoy seeing the things that came together because of him. He was full of encouragement for us when we were still first starting all of this, and had no other reason at all to help us other than that he was a good dude. 

It is a horrible thing that happened to him and we are all completely shocked and saddened by the tragedy. He was thirty years young, and this truly is horrific.

RIP To Jarod, and our thoughts to his family and loved ones.

The internet world has come together to raise funds for Jarod’s funeral service. Please consider sharing, and/or donating. Jarod did so much for so many people, wanting no credit, let’s give his family some relief during this awful time!

Here is a message from Ed Coonce, Jarod’s father:

Just got home from the funeral home. We are amazed at how many peoples lives Jarod touched. My phone, my home phone, my daughter Jamie’s phone are nuts. Jarod was much more the man than I knew. One lady came forth and said her cousin lost everything and Jarod helped him get back on his feet. All of this; the people making comments, some people bring food over here, and all the people that have donated to his funeral fund, have sure helped to ease the sadness in our hearts. I can’t express how much we want to thank all the people involved with helping us. You didn’t have to do anything, but you stepped up and helped us. May GOD BLESS ALL YOU!!

Jarod’s Obituary
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